FOI - Functional orthonomy and integration

There will be an examination of all spinal segments (cervical-, thoracic-, and lumbar spine) as well as all extremity joints. Possible traumatic events of the past (accidents, torn ligaments, etc.) will be linked and associated with current symptoms. In the following, therapy starts with loosen blockades.

This form of therapy takes at least 40 minutes.

Physical therapy

With stretching and strenght exercises, muscle strenght and flexibility will be increased.

CMD - Craniomandibular dysfunction

Mandibular joint treatment for craniomandibular dysfunction e.g. bruxism (grinding of the teeth).

Relaxation of masticatory muscles.

Scoliosis therapy after Schroth

Scoliosis is a lateral distortion of the spine. According to the asymmetries of the spine, asymmetric exercises will be performed. These are supposed to result in a straightening of the spine. These exercises are accompanied by three-dimensional breathing techniques.

Medical massages

Tension will be relived and muscles relaxed.

Aroma massages

Using flavored oils, these massages can have a relaxing or invigorating effect.

Wellness massages

Escape your daily routine in a soundproof booth with soft music and a relaxing massage.

Heat application

Hot air (red light) or fango packs serve as preparation for further therapy.

Ice application

For pain relief, for therapy of swellings and for improved blood circulation